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The circumstantial evidence presented in the Anthony trial was enough for me to convict. What other explanation could there have been. That would be the reasonable doubt.

Casey Anthony did not report her daughter missing for a month....that isn't suspicion enough to have "reasonable doubt"? The mother covered for her about the Internet searches for Chloroform. No doubt in my mind for that. Even if there was a minute amount of Chloroform in Casey's car - that also would be enough for me - what would any Chloroform be doing in her car?? The explanation of her possibly having trash in her car to create the chloroform...if a stretch.

The fact that she asked a neighbor to borrow a shovel?! Come on!! What else would you need?

One of my theories is, Casey wanted to go out to a function, she had her daughter - mom and dad wouldn't or couldn't babysit. She looked up on the Internet how to knock her daughter out, then put her in the trunk of her car, while asleep, so Casey could go out on the town. the grandfather said...something went terrible wrong. Meaning, Casey gave her daughter too much Chloroform - taped her mouth shut, just in case she woke up too soon - then died of Chloroform and/or suffication.

Case closed.

Casey Anthony should be charged with a civil case, at the very least now.


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