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My granddaughter was sexually molested for 5 years by her step-father and finally after she turned him in and went to her school counselor, she was taken by CPS to a hospital and her father and step-mom went to Florida to get her. She was 15 years old. Before she left the house, she grabbed a t-shirt of hers and wipped some semon from the floor that belonged to him and was found by the forensic dept. of the police department to be positively his. The police failed to go into her bedroom and do an investigation. Her mother doesn't believe her and testified against her in trial. Amazing the proscecutor and defense only called my granddaughter to testify and kept her on the stand for a day and a half. The verdict was non-guilty and he is free and back in the home to molest his own daughter who just turned 10. My granddaughter is now living with her dad and step-mom and doing fabulous. Her reaction to the verdict was that at least she had used her voice and there are a lot of girls that do not get that opportunity. This was in Florida and after Casey Anthony case was over, they knew they probably were in the wrong state as they have a terrible record of failure to the children who are mollested by monsters like him. Can any thing be done?



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