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I was put in jail for a crime that never happen, and the jury was tamper with and and one would listen to me on what's going on.I am still fighting this case 'til this day..I already did 24 months out of 15 to 30 months.My case is in the superior court as I speak.I am in dier need of an attorney, to show ineffective from my attorney on this case.Because after the only witness (the officer)got on the stand and told the truth..(that he did not see a hand-to-hand my attorney (a P.D.)wrote something on his pad and lay it on the laged for the jury to see,3 of the men look at it and then look at me.I ask what was on that pad.He then took the pad and gave it to the DA which he then put it under his paper work. Their was nothing that shows a crime took place.Once the officer said he did not witness WHAT he said he witness (which lead to my arrest) my attorney was suppose to ask for the case to be dismiss.I am in need of some due date for my brif is Dec 28,2011


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