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I am a retired individual with an internet radio program for which has content and abilities few if any around the world can compare with and have worked for over forty years to put it together and this Fall I wish to get this off the ground, but don't have the computer savy to understand how to use Facebook and live in a rural area where obtaining help is difficult. This will be a legal program, but will generate no revenue perhaps for a while so I wish to advertise with Facebook, but cannot see a reason for now to spend money for which I don't have to pay Facebook to advertise and don't know whether this would be the manner in which to advertise my program.
My program will air substance for which the over 50 will never forget, but again have made many attempt to advertise with AARP, etc with no responses whatsoever and many other bussiness's. I need some sound assistance before Fall and would sincerely appreciate a response.

Sincerely Louis K. KOLDPOP RADIO
Oscoda, Michigan


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