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Generic drugs are the fleecing of America. I do not believe that they are just as good a brand name, etc. I have taken generic drugs and noticed that many are not as effective as the Brand Name. Millions of other Americans will echo the same comments. My physician and pharmacists agree.

One example: On January 25, 2012, the Department of Justice filed a consent decree in US District Court of Maryland for a permanent injunction against generic drug manufacturer Ranbaxy Laboratories, Ltd., an Indian corporation, and its subsidiary headquartered in Princeton, N.J. The FDA found there were manufacturing defects at two of the company's India plants. It subsequently banned the import of more than 30 generic drugs in multiple dose forms. In 2009, the FDA said that one of the facilities in India falsified data about the shelf-life of drugs. A government investigation found that Ranbaxy facilities had committed a number of violations including failing to have adequate procedures to prevent the contamination of sterile drugs. The FDA took action against Ranbaxy because this company continued to violate current good manufacturing practice regulations and to falsify information on drug applications. This is the same company that received a 180-day exclusive license to market generic Lipitor.
No doubt that this scenario has been repeated in other generics that haven’t been caught yet.


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