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I don't understand how Facebook operates, and frankly I think it sucks. During the time I did have an account, I found ordinary pictures that were being arbitrarily taken of me along with other family memebers during routine family functions,holidays, were showing up on Face book, whether I wanted them there or not.,, which by the way I didn't. I know this may all sound silly, and maybe even isgnificant, but if you don't want your image on line, it should't be there. Doesn't that violate privacy laws ? I was angry that they were unknowlingly posted and without being asked if it would be 'ok'. I worked it out with the family memebers, and requested not to post pictures of me and to remove the ones that were there. How is it possible that a law suit hasn't been brought against Facebook for this very reason? What gives FB the right to assume that EVERYBODY whose picture appears on the site, agrees to and knows about it? I know this is what the site is all about, posting pictures, but if you don't want your image to appear there, it shouldn't no matter what, with or without an account. If you are in a restaurant for example, and you are in a strangers view finder on any device, and you show up in the 'background' ,or if you are anywhere for that matter, and they will post those pictures, and you will appear... (as to just give an example)Can anything be done about that ?


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