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I am starting a LLC in Califorina to train and license and make he or she a certified licensed Califorina contractor trained dealer / installer of certin plumbing products. I want them to be totally independent under State as well as Federal laws. By having there own business location and area to work from and must carry workmens comp, business insurance, work van purchase products from independent supply company's hire and control there employees have there own EIN tax number. I will be assigning my contractors license to the LLC which I believe can be issued as a separate license from the Contractors State License Board. They will also have to advise pay and set up a Web site per my design. But all calls will be through a 800 number I'm my control and pay a service charge for every call that they except at a set amount. They must maintain books through a licensed CPA and must supply records on a quartly basis sent through there CPA and will pay a penalty if late and or loose entire investment if they don't comply to CPA records and other rules and agreements that are violated I am also going to patent my idea first or during filing of my LLC. So I need direction on how to set this up right the first time and legal advise. So this should give you and over view as to were i want to go. .Thank You Andy Bello


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