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I was contacted by a collection agency 5 years after I had signed a quit-claim deed for a time share in Forida that I was denied access to. I had originally paid the $1000 fee that was due when the transfer was made. However I never recv'd a deed and no one in the county office could locate any paperwork. I assumed the transfer did not take place since I was denied use of the facility, I no longer paid the maintenance fees. 5 years later I received a call that I owe a collection agency $7500! I was astonished. I tried to speak with them but they were very rude. The continue to put a hit on my excellent credit report monthly under different names and amounts looking like I have bad credit practices. Are they allowed to do this after 5 years of not a word from the time share people or any collections agencies. I thought there was a law in NY protecting people from Florida timeshare malpractices. Thank you for your advice. Also, I am interested in making a family trust if you could send me some info. Thank you. Debbie M.


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