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My story is a very long and complicated story that is impossible to right all in this space. I ordered a Gateway computer between 2000 and 2001. And I closed the account after making payments and they still overcharged me. I spoke to the Manager and I only owed $200. My credit for this credit card was $1,600. I only use $1,200. After closing the account on my credit report it states $503 charge off. In 2007 I had to go to a court hearing and give them all my receipts. They wanted to charge me almost $2,000 plus and now they have some other firm contacting me. I made every effort to pay $50 a month which added up to $200. They say I got the loan from World Wide Financial Bank. I never took out a loan of any kind. To top that off someone tried to refinance their mortgage loan with my name. I wish I knew whose trying to ruin my credit. This account is more than 10 years old. I only purchased a refurbished computer. I need some assistance as soon as possible. I'm being threatened by Lawyers. I just graduated a few weeks ago. This can keep me from getting another job. I have two children and I'm tire of these fraudulent accusations of an account that may not be mine to start with. This is very important can someone please help me. Thank you.


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