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I lost my job in the 2008, and have been plagued with unemployment, contract positions since. A collection agency - RCS (Regional Credit Solutions) started calling me and harrassing me two weeks ago. I have'treceived any documentation or proof the debt they specify is mine. I have on the other had received threatening phone calls. I have three saved on my voice mail. Each call states that my file has been assigned and is being reviewed. The one yesterday came from some one with a Spanish accent. I've received two from this lady so far. I couldn' t hardly understand the lady but I understood part of what part of the message. She said that my account was handed off to their legal department. If I want to talk to her, and keep this from going to the courts- call 855-837-9963, 432. This was my last chance before it goes to the magistrate, and they would serve me at my job within one to two weeks. A summonds would be sent to my home and work place. She also mention that her client which is the First Bank of Deleware is going to file charges for defrauding a financial institution. Their file number is 336094. I haven't talked to these people in person, nor have I received anything in writing. What should my next course of action be. I don't have any extra money, and I don't ever see my self getting my head above water to pay them.


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