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son was evicted from apartment when he fell down apartment stairs broke his foot. landlord refused to disclose their insurance co, or policy # after cleaning apartment and vacating landlord sent a cleaning bill of $435.00 plus they kept our $250.00 security deposit. We disputed excessive charges and they sent it to collections denting my credit rating since i was a co signer bill still in dispute with collection agency landlord will not co operate clearing this false bill apartment was left clean except for carpet need shampoo from normal wear n tear from 2 yrs living. it was a one bedroom apartment fee charged are false in my opinion landlord refused to do walk thru when moving out they did not have time was their excuse. When son need a plummer they sent us the bill when lock on front door broke they charged us for lock smith services and parts they did no maintenance until son fell injuring himself then they pressure washe oiley film on wood stairwells all over apartment complex how can i get this off my credit rating?


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