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We had a good relationship with our landlord. He's kind of a quiet guy and set the precedent early on that he never answered his phone, and would always call back (we might have to try again but we always got him eventually). We sent him a request via email to move out early (by a month) without penalty costs (those were my exact words) due to some neighbor issues that he was aware of all year. He said verbally to us that he'd work with us and was cool with us moving out early. We found a place and gave him 30 days notice. Upon move out, we cleaned and left the place looking just as it did upon move-in (I had spoken with him on the phone on the last day and he said we did a great job). It's been about 12 days since we left the old apartment. We emailed him our forwarding address. He never replied. We called him to make sure he got this email. No call-back... we called again and left another message... nothing. I've called twice more, no call back. He never mentioned anything to us about keeping the money or pro-rated rent. We simply just want to have him communicate with us but he now seems to not be talking to us at all. I know he has roughly 30-60 days. We just want to know. Since it was kind of an informal, yet discussed and agreed upon, early exit, we are afraid that he is going to simply keep it all. Any thoughts?


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