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My friend and I live together and we are being attacked by some radio operators that have very powerful transmitters and we believe the police and other law enforcement are involved.
My friends ex-husband had an embolism, our neighbor next door complained of terrible pain in his legs and then died, the neighbor across suddenly died of a heart attack(he was only 47), the neighbor across the street is crying and complains about her eyes burning and her arms burning and she can't sleep in the front bedroom because of the pain and I've called the police ten times complaining about the neighbor burning us with some sort of transmitter device and she even got mad when I asked her to turn it down and said "You're really going to burn now". We are hitting a brick wall with the police and although the DA said we should contact the City Council and ask for funding for testing to determine what is going on and who the culprits are! I've been hospitalized six times in three years with heart problems. We are being disabled and the police know this and they said its a civil thing but the DA said we have to report it if we sell our home.Can you advise us. We are being brain damaged.


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