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Wow, I wish I had the investment capital to cater to the tinfoil hat crowd. Id make a bundle. Selling "haunted houses", EMP proofing so that the NSA couldn't listen to their thoughts while the customer was sleeping. maybe even a "cleansing" or two, so that no residual "negative energy" remained. Honestly I couldn't care less if a dozen people were murdered in the house i live in (I'd feel bad for them, of course) but it wouldn't affect my decision to buy the house. sorry folks but ghosts aren't real, and the CIA doesn't care what is in your head and does not have the means to remotely extract it (other than by 150 grains of lead at 2300 fps, but the later analysis of that is extremely difficult and not really worth the trouble). WOW, I can't believe in this day and age people will still be fearful of moving into a house where someone died. Do you realize that in the history of america, especially along the eastern seaboard you are almost constantly in close proximity to a place where someone died in the last 400 years, often violently. it is unavoidable, especially in the cities. The people that have died in the last 400 years vastly outnumber those of us who live. We should be knee deep in ghosts by now.
somebody front me some seed money, and I'll make us both rich, lol


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