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Well, this article pretty much does it for me. It appears lawyers are so greedy that setting average citizens at each others throats isn't enough, now they need to prey upon the mentally unstable and the overly superstitious, as well as the religiously steeped. Haunted house? Really? No one has ever really proved that houses are haunted, so these so called legal types are merely preying upon peoples fears in order to get rich. Shame on ANY lawyer who operates in that fashion. And Legal zoom, You just lost me. Wait until i tell my friends what You've sent me and let them read Your article. This will be the best laugh ever. Next thing You know, Your web site will report that home owners will now be encouraged (or required) to disclose any visits (missed or otherwise) by Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and/or whether or not the Bogie Man (perhaps Monsters Inc.) has access to any closets in the home.

Small wonder about all the lawyer jokes around, eh? i wonder what Shakespeare would say..."alas poor Yorik, i knew him well, Horatio...{but he haunts the house You sold me and i want my money back?}" Funniest play Old William ever wrote.

Therefore i will click the "don't send me this pap" button and be free of You and the legal insanity Your site preaches. Ta ta. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the poltergeists bite.


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