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Has anyone ever heard of agree to disagree when a full accord can't be reached. There is not 100% evidence one way or the other as to ghosts or anything supernatural, etc., so until then people should at least be able to agree to disagree and voice an opinion without someone calling names, demeaning or otherwise because they feel or think differently than the next. The world needs more than one opinion. So, to all the posters, thank you for your posts, that is what discussion boards are for, to discuss what someone has brought up for discussion.

I want to thank LegalZoom for posting this article. I think it is important to make the public aware of the possibilities of the legal and law ramification's to all aspects of home sales/buying and then let the public decide what they care to do with the reported information. I, for one, would want to know if someone commited suicide or died in the home and if there was any kind of violent nature to the death if there was one. It wouldn't sway my decision, but I would want to know.

Thanks again LegalZoon, we do need to have information supplied and then the individual can do what they need with it if anything.


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