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Tom - you are definitely NOT being tortured and terrorized by paranormal entities but by the paramilitary who are employed by your local, state and federal government in the "covert war" George Bush declared in 2003 on everyone, everywhere. That is why local police will do nothing to help you; you are a target of our military dictatorship. The Directed Energy Weapon ("DEW") you describe being used on you is a microwave gun colloquially called, The Dazzler, and it is used in urban conflict areas such as Baghdad and in the West Bank/Gaza. There are also Electromagnetic weapons that are used to deplete your energy and scramble your thoughts, "cell control," colloquially called 'gangstalking,' and a host of other highly sophisticated and even more invasive weapons in use against us - because we live in the most fascist country in the history of fascism, or countries, which is why our government spends $75 bil./year on this. Your DA is right - these are civil rights crimes (and human rights crimes), but with China and Saudi Arabia being the largest holders of US Treasury notes, the income of which pays for us to run our government (and our government to run this inhumane police state), it's highly unlikely it will ever be held accountable. That's the main privilege of being the world's 'superpower.'. And you thought Bill Clinton making China a 'most cavorts trading nation' (on the heels of the Tiannamen Square massacre) and NAFTA, etc. was going to make the 'third world' more progressive in terms of human rights. Bill was a traitor to America 19 ways 'till Tuesday - and it had NOTHING to do with whomever he may have, or may not have, slept with; that baloney was distraction to make you not look at all the horrible things he did while in office - and that's standard CIA tactic. Live with whom you want; love whom you want - the one, true G_d is a god of love, not hate, condemnation and violence.

There are groups that are allegedly not operated by the government. If you google "gangstalking" you can find them. I would not trust any who talk like assinine "Libertarians." They believe the market is the only solution to any social problem - and that, therefore, slavery is just fine. Also, if they operate freely (which I can't), be cautious; they could be just another way of keeping track of you. If none of them are talking about fascism (and talk of 'corporatism' is more CIA-directed distraction), they're not interested in changing this status quo. (That's the reason you won't find a DA, or a so-called civil liberties group to help you; no one wants to fight the Pentagon, especially as ineffectually as in a courtroom.) Never let your pets out of your sight! Good luck!


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