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Hey Bob,

You'd have a very diferent opinion if you lived here.
Even our dog knows something is going on. The poor thing used to sleep in his bed at night only. Now he is in it all day long and wants his face covered.

We've been in this house for a little over 8 years and the happenings began 4 years ago.

While video recording one Christmas, a distinct female voice said "Please move the camera". We still have the recording.

This place is weird.
As soon as the lights are turned off at night, we hear all kinds of shuffling and walking around on hard wood floors. Funny thing is Bob, our floors are carpeted.

Voices will speak directly into our ears.
One night after saying good night to my husband, a voice yelled in my ear "CAN YOU SAY GOODNOGHT?"

Its hardly our imagination, as we never believed in this stuff until moving here.

So far the 3 of us have not been harmed, but it sure explains why folks don't live in this house for long.


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