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If someone just died a natural death from old age, or from illness, I wouldn't be concerned. Unless of course, the illness was caused by something dangerous with the house itself. However, if it was due to a murder/suicide or something else equally drastic, I would certainly want to know about that! I hate to break it to those strongly opinionated cocky skeptics who seem to think they know everything, without experiencing a lot of things: but ghosts DO exist. Many people don't believe in God, but there is proof all around us that HE exists. There are also hundreds of thousands of people who have proof that ghosts exist..and many of them have actually SEEN, HEARD and FELT them. I'm sure you are all laughing at us...and frankly, I don't care, but wait until it happens to you. Then I'd love to be there to see those smirks being wiped off your smug faces.


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