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Starting in late July I delivered newspapers for Wandel Distributors in Annapolis, Maryland.I was told by the owner that I would earn around $400 per week as an independent contractor. The most I ever earned was $307 and change. I was told when , where and how to deliver the papers. On the morning of September 13,2010 my car broke down right after I finished my route. I also misplaced my cell phone. That afternoon I called my supervisor and told him I could not deliver papers the next morning. I found my cell phone the next day and told my supervisor that I still didn't have a vehicle for the next morning. A friend loaned me his vehicle so I was available for Thursday, September 16. I received a text message from the owner of the business that he had terminated me and that I should have known that back-up vehicles were available. This was never communicated to me verbally or in writing. I was never paid for the last ten mornings I worked. The owner stated in a text message that I owed him money for penalties incurred from this situation. In calculating what I earned and factoring in automobile expenses I earned significantly less than minimum wages. What Wandel is engaging in is a form of legalized slavery. I do not believe that I really fit the definition of indepent contractor.


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