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I believe that I am an IC, as I filled out the appropriate paperwork at the beginning. Our company has stated time and time again that we are IC's. I have taken two assignments with them and been paid for them. The company requires strict adherence to the way our assignments are performed but we have the right to turn down work if we choose without any repercussions. The company I work for is a national organization that is just getting started.
My question is this. Last week our employer announced through the monthly conference call that they are now going to start charging all of us an $18 monthly fee to upload the assignments to the company web site each month. If we do not work in a month, the fee is not taken out. They say the fee is to help jumpstart the funds necessary to promote/secure new projects that we can work on more steadily.
Is this legal to take a fee from an IC's paycheck without a written authorization from us and no forewarning? Does an IC have any recourse in a situation like this?


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