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How about in entertainment? There are so many companies out there. If music/dj company has a number of dj's and the dj's don't own the equipment, all bookings have to go through the owner, all gigs set for the dj's are set by the owner, the owner tells the dj's how to run the equipment, and are required to pick up and drop the equipment to what the owner sets, and also sets the pay rates for the dj's, etc, etc are they employees? And if so, is this still true if the owner of the company pays the employees with cash and doesn't provide benefits? So is the status of the DJ, in this case, an independent contractor because the owner isn't physically there when they do a show for the owner? Or are they an employee because they have to follow the rules, schedules, times, places, use of equipment accordingly. And the owner? What's that status? Since he's an owner that would make him an independent contractor? And if both are independent contractors- then independent contractors can have independent contractors? Just wondering.


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