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In 2007 I started working part-time, just a few hours as an Independent Contractor to provide my services to search for and acquire new accounts, get their orders, and send that information to my client, follow up with those existing account to up sell and take any reorders, not realizing that I am expected to be the sole manager of all accounts. After leaving my full-time job in 2009, I was able to spend more time in providing work for my client, and in 2010 was told that I have to acquire 60 new accounts annually, while also continuing being the point person and managing all of my other accounts and if she (my client) feels that I am not calling the account sas often as she prefers, she wants to take them from me and give to one of her employees, I told her that being directed on how to manage my accounts , required to submit daily reports, and provide ongoing services that are a key aspect of the business on a permanent basis it seems I have become an employee, even though I am working out of my home. She strongly disagrees.


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