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Ive been working as a hairstlist for 3 years with a company that refers to me as labor contract. I worked 54 hours a week and was told when to come in, what do do and say while I was at work and what time to leave work. I feel like my boss was treating me not only like dirt but like an employee and not labor contract. The only time I was labor contract was when it was time to do my taxes. She only called me labor contract to avoid holding out taxes which is fraud. She also charged me for chemicals but didnt give me credit on my 1099 for the chemicals I purchased. She also had me driving to another town to her other salon and expected me to keep driving there even after I told her no. She got 50% for every dime I made not to mention she got 100% for all chemicals I purchased. She came in the other day and took my keys for the salon and told me I can take a week or longer off. Shes calling herself punishing me for not answering her phone call on my day off. She has called me on every day Ive had off for 3 years and always wants me to come to work or run her errands or get her lunch and if I didnt do it I had to deal with hergripingor holding my check for a day or some underhanded act. Does anybody know what I can do legally?


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