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I work at a company as an "independent contractor", but I am there Monday-Friday 9-6. It is my full time job, I have been there about a year now, and I am a vital part of the company. If I was not there, decided not to show up, or just quit, it would put a serious halt on the operations. I do not make my own hours, decide my tasks for the day, or really anything that would classify me as an independent contractor. It is a small company, just my boss and I, and all equipment for the business and my job have been provided for by the owner. I do not get any health insurance, and was given a 1099 tax form this past tax season to pay my taxes. I am commuting for 2 hours each day every day, and dedicating my life to a job where I am not being valued as an employee. Is my boss doing this illegally to save money on state, federal, and employment taxes? I feel like I'm being taken advantage of, am I wrong? If so, what are the benefits to me as being filed as an employee of the company?


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