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I was hired by a food manufacturer to do demonstrations at a chain of supermarkets. They supply all the equipment. They have instructed me on how to behave at the market,what to wear, as well as how to sell and promote their product. They email me to let me know what days and the hours I must work at each store. I have no real input in my scheduling. I work set days and can not take a day off, unless I ask at least 2 weeks in advance, and then it is at their discretion, or I may be dismissed. I am paid a set daily salary plus commission, according to how much I sell.They also had me sign a non compete clause, should I no longer work for them, prohibiting me from doing the same work for manufacturers making like products. There are 2 pay periods they did not pay me, as well as numerous checks which were short. I have tried to get my due compensation, with no luck.They either ignore me or put me off. Lately,I have been getting each pay check 2 weeks late.I am loathe to take any action at this time, as I am in need of a paycheck, and will surely be dismissed the moment I take any action. They do employ other people in the same capacity, as Independent Contractors. Am I considered an Independent, or am I really an employee? If the later is the case, what are my options in getting the company to pay whatever benefits they must pay if I am actually an employee.


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