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Hello, I' am wanting some advise on how to find out if I was actually an independent contractor or an employee. I was recently terminated(reason unknown) after being employed by this company for 7 months. I sign a contract with them as being an independent contractor but I truly feel like I was an employee. I worked as a Ultrasound Tech for this company, that had a contract with free standing emergency rooms. I worked on call (24 hours) full-time for 4 days a week, off 2 days and that schedule was set by my supervisor (which was the CEO of company). I was paid hourly while on call and made additional money only when I was called out to do exam/s at the facilities where he told me to go. My pay dates where the 5th and the 20th of every month, and a grace period was listed on the contract up till 5 days after those dates. When I was hired, I was on a training period for 2 weeks to learn the protocols. All the supplies was provided by the facility such as the machine, gel, and etc. However, I was responsible for using my own vehicle, paying for gas, maintenance, toll fees and etc. I had to request to take a day/days off. This company has really been unfair and controlling to me and terminated me without a reason. They still own me 3 checks and stated they will pay me on the dates they are due and I'm no longer employed by them. Please help......thanks.


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