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Hello legal Gods, you should help me. I am an IT guy works for various companies as a contractor. I was hired by a third party company and submitted to client. i was doing my assignments corrects and maintained good relationship with everyone. I got a fulfillment job then i gave 2 week notice to client, prime Vendor and my Employer. ever one was happy for my new job. Now employer is not paying me money that i have to get, My employer is saying that i should have given 30days notice and he is blocking all my money I should get nearly 15k. I was not aware of 30 days notice in term and conditions.I strongly believe that they both prime vendor and my employer are playing games to not to pay me. I need suggestion and help in this case. If i have to go legally what should i do. I am an immigrant with a valid work Authorization(high Skill labor). I want to understand the how can i get my money.


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