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I was hired by Hightech Graphics to fold T-shirts. I was told by Rob my supervisor that they have a big T-shirt order from Dominos Pizza. Rob said they have over 5,000 t-shirts to do. I asked Rob how much was the pay and how long. Rob told me the pay was $10.00 an hour for about a month. I was very excited to have employment because I was behind in child support. I asked Rob everyday for a schedule because I lived far away and I needed to know what times I had to be there. Rob said he would tell me everyday what time I would stay and what time to report back the next day. I worked 55 hours one week with no breaks and only two lunches. When I asked Robif I get time and half time for overtime he said that I was and Independent contact worker. I explained to him that I didn't know what an independent contractor was Rob said that he was paying me as an independent contractor once I told him that I was not a independent contractor he take money out my check for lunches that I didn't take. I only took lunch twice but he took lunch out of my check for everyday and he didn't pay me for my overtime


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