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I have been all over the internet and asking others for advice which im just left with confusion. My boyfriend was just fired for which i know has to be illegal for refusing to give his boss prescribed medication (hes an addict and my cousin to top it off). After firing my boyfriend was hit with a bunch of calls and texts threatening to kick his butt... sigh men. Hes worked for him for about two months with a lot of headaches. We would get up at 6 with both of our small children and then we would get a text saying from the boss i don't feel good come at 10, this happened 5 times. What I need to know is his boss got mad after firing him and said where should i send Ur 1099? what? I don't think so. My boyfriend never called any shots on the job and didn't provide his own tools. His boss when we asked for his final paycheck he said i don't pay cash which is funny because the way my boyfriend got paid were cash and several personal not business checks that say pay to my boyfriend or cash, obviously i have proof from my bank. I don't know what to do. I was going to file the ss8 form, but that is my cousin and don't want to get him in trouble but were also not going to pay taxes as a 1099 employee when clearly he wasn't. does a ss8 form get a company in trouble or does it just define what kind of worker you are? I need to know where to go from here. He will not release his last check and since he got paid cash how do i prove it? My cousin only has two workers, it was my boyfriend and another cousin which started a bunch of threats as well. I don't believe this is fair when my other cousin who works for him is 45, lives at home, not disabled in anyway, has no children, and collects food stamps but does not report his income. He screws everyone else that really needs food. I report all income we make so it makes me so mad. I want to report fraud but im not sure how. With my boyfriend getting fired over a medication he wanted blew my mind and then wants to 1099 him? Im not going to let this happen, but I need help with advice. Please anyone respond with advice i would appreciate it.


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