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What does it means "EARNED VACATION TIME as well as OVER TIME" for the company I used to work for...

I worked for a company in FL where they gave "earned vacation time" information after hired; for every 8 hours worked, they deducted 30 min and put that amount towards the "earned vacation time" which reflected in a lower check than the hours worked, in other words, I paid for my own vacation.

Also, when worked overtime, they put this extra time "towards the earned vacation time", so it is not paid when it is worked and it is paid as regular hour, not as over time if used as sick time or vacation day off.

After a while, I saved over 100 hrs, but then I got a new job offer, and per their policies established late 2011 way after I started working for them, now they are saying they will not pay me that amount because it is "unused time off", even though it was daily deducted from my pay check as over time or earned vacation time. What should I do?


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