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I have been working for a retail chain now for 5 years. I earn 10 days per year in vacation. an average work week is between 36-40 hours per week. for the last 3.5 years my schedule has been between 36.5 and 39.5 with 75% of my schedule per week 38.5 hours. My question is: How can my company charge me 8.0 hours of vacation if I choose to take a vacation day off when it clearly states on my pay stub that vacation is based on an average 8.0 hour work day the previous year (I work 5 days a week). why does it seem that every time I take a vacation day I get cheated out of .5 to .75 minutes of that day. the 8.0 hours of vacation is used to make up the average 38.5 scheduled work week.


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