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Big Mistake!
I wanted a position in my facility so badly that I change my working hours, began this person's right-hand-woman, came in at the drop-of-a-hat to cover for the workers who are much better at playing the system so that she felt no responsibility. I changed days, worked over-time, performed duties that she otherwise would of had to work much harder at and after three years of this particular behavior and achieving the status I challenged, she begame threatened by my creditenials, my professionalism, and expertise. (something she was lacking) She started the whole mess by disrespecting me in front of others, then lying and denying circustances and attacked me at every professional level her tiny mind could drum up? She bad mouthed me to my boss, to other employees' and did this all with one word "EVERYBODY". Apparently human resources didn't catch it or didn't want to? My so-call managers weren't smart enough to pick it up either? I really have a difficult time believing that these educated people in management positions are this rediculous and just plain down right stupid! I believe I gave them the easiest solution, I resigned as soon as possible. The only regret I am having now is that I gave them three weeks notice and not two.

I know that life is not fair and why should it be? But I do know that through all of this I remained the moral and truthful person I pride myself on and get very sad to think I actually thought of this person as a friend. BIG MISTAKE on my part.

I do have another job and it sounds promising, but this time again I am not putting any trust whatsoever in to the words that LITTLE PEOPLE speu from their lips!

Lesson learned.


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