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Hi, i totally disagree with the article when it is telling people to either grit your teeth and bare it, or else move on and find another job. that is not a good response at all some people have been on their jobs for years. why should they have to leave their job to satisfy a bullying boss, to bow down and say i let him/her get the best of me. Too all those out there with this problem don't you run, you stand up for yourself, and you stand up for all those who do not have the courage to speak up for them selves. you may have to go in as a one man army, but it is worth it when it comes to standing up for what you believe in. remember documentation is so important, as well as witneses to inccidents with your bullying boss. Bullying from a boss should not be tolereated, and they should not be allowed to chase away haardworking upstanding emplyees. just because they feel like it. either way you slice it, it just not right.


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