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No, you likely will not be able to sue your employer. They can put upon you as much as they want and there really is no law to deter them from doing so; and even if there were, that law would probably be as useless/ineffectual as everything else supposedly in place to protect employees in the workplace today. Good luck getting a lawyer to take your case, most of them won't be bothered. The labor commission is not likely to act either,regardless of how well you've documented abuses in the workplace or whether or not you are in a so-called protected class. Believe you me, I've been there, done that. Bottom line is nobody gives a flying rat's butt and you won't get unemployment or a dime. I don't know where folks get the idea you can just sue people at will. It takes money and years of litigation to get anywhere and there's always the chance they will appeal, even if you do win, costing you tons more money. And don't assume there's any such thing as justice - justice is whatever the judge feels like on the day it's dispensed. If you really want to get back at your idiot boss and clueless company, slam them online where people are disposed/prepared to hear you out, as well as agree with you. You'd be amazed at the number of companies I turn my back on as a consumer when I hear about stuff like this going on.


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