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I just quit my job two weeks ago for a boss who picked on me everyday for a year. I am a barber of 29 years I have bipolar depression and past alcohol abuse issues. I quit drinking March 2o 2011. Lost 100 pound and am 47. She is bipolar a drunk and skinny but just put on 30 pounds and is 57. Also a barber of 31 years. She has a very hateful personallity as I am just the opposite. I care about everyone. She theatened me with a box, that means getting fired. Well the next day no box but I was my own army I quit right in front of two costomers. She told me to be quite but I told her it was my turn to say what I wanted sence I didn't work there anymore. I told her just how much she abused me ,hurt me and so on. She had egg all all over her face. she lost a very dependable employee. D.G.


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