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Help :( My husband had been working for a company where they deliver and assemble basket ball hoops, home gyms ect. His boss was new to this and she goes to our church from a town about 45 to an hour away from us, my husband works for her with one of his friends but they dont even get payed well since she is just starting new with all this but they where willing to sacrafice with the idea that in time it would change and i guess his friends family started to dislike her for there own reasons and so did my husband she started getting snotty and have attitude with them, she had given them cars to drive to deliver there stuff in but i guess she wanted to start keeping the cars at her house, mind you she lives very far away from us, and was going to have them drive them selfs everyday to her house to get the cars (not paying them for the gas money) so my husband decided he had enough and wanted to quit, so now its been 2 weeks she ows my husband 2 checks she never payed him and she didnt bring his check that sunday to church!!! just becuase she wanted my husbie to give her back the shirts she gave them from the company? even though it has his name on it? that was her reason for not taking it but she never even told him to do so!!! how was he supose to know? and NOW shes telling him if "hes intrested to go pick up his check at her house" that she will not bring it to church with her? so shes making him come out of his way when on sunday she can easily bring it to him and now shes not paying him his second check because his friend messed up a hole he dugg and shes taking that out of my husbands check when he didnt even go to work that day when the whole was done!!! we want to sue HELP


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