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Hello I have a question? my husband works at a shoe warehouse here in San Diego, Ca. He is an employee at the warehouse. All employees are in different departments. One of the employees has been harrassing my husband. This former employee is in a different department. He started off receiving calls and stuff. Like a recepcionist. In the warehouse everybody says bad words and always cussing out. Well this guy seems to be hating on my husband, because as soon as he hears my husband saying something or cussing out. He starts sayin stuff to my husband. Such as telling him that do to his vocabulary customers have already complained on the phone. My husband told him, well I wanna hear your conversation with those customers that have called complaining? obviously this guy doesn't have any proof. So it's been getting worse because that guy keeps making complains to my husband's boss. Obviously my husband boss even knows that everybody talks dirty at the warehouse. And even decided to moved this old guy to a different area where he can't be closed to my husbands department. Well its been a month since, and still today he made my husband get mad. He complained saying that customers were complaining again. This guys has heard and seen other employees cussing out and doesnt' say anything. But as soon as he sees my husband doing something, singing, screaming, laughing or having a good time he complains. I will love to know if it's possible that you can sue this guy? From what we know this guy is like best friend with the main owner of the company. In someway I feel like he thinks he has the rights to say whatever to my husband and I feel that is why he takes advantage of having the freedom to "complain". Another this company if people complain in HR, they won't do anything. One of the employers got injured and asked for some days off and HR worked very corrupted they got rid of her and didnt want to help her out with her problem. I will like to know what can my husband do, to stop this guy? because it is HARRASMENT!


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