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My boss threw my book on the ground, makes fun of me in front of other employees, grabbed my wrist in a demanding manner, and when I confronted him about this, he denied it. A co-worker showed him my twitter page in which I had tweeted negative, but true comments and he read them and told me that if I continued to post things (Outside of work, also freedom of speech) that I would be terminated. He forces me to leave early, giving me a lack of hours. He yells at me when I do my job correctly, and doesn't yell at my coworkers who don't do their jobs. He sent inappropriate text messages to several of my female coworkers, even touching her in a sexual way at work. He told me I could never harm his "solid" reputation because I'm just a teenage girl. I would contact HR, but I don't know how to and I feel like I would lose the battle anyway.


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