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i have waited tables at this restuarant for 4 yrs,this manager who hired me left after year or so. Bi-polar asst. manager takes her place and nominates or orders me to be her asst. Within 2 weeks i am pulled into office, the owner is there too.tells me that i am not a very good manager,etc..she verbally abuses co-workers so much that would bring us girls to tears, she knows how to hurt somebody,cooks have just walked out.
is this a reason to call the labor board? she demoted me back to just a server after 2 1/2 years (thank you jesus!) because she didn't like my management style. i could get any co-worker to do their job and more without treating them like crap.
last sunday it's all good,she walks in,takes charge and by 10:30 our main cook walks out. is that harrestment?


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