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Hi there, today i was at work and i got every ill. My manager was standing there while i was in severe pain crying out for help, at this time i began feeling like i wanted to vomit so i when to the washroom. A friend of mine then asked the manager for a few minutes while she check on me to see if i needed medical attention and instead she was told that “I am not her responsible and her job is to stay at her work station and serve the customers”. (I must also make it clear that this manager did not send anyone and neither did he come to see if i was ok). I ended up leaving work because i feel like i needed to check myself in the hospital so i did.

I would love to know if there is anything that can be done to discipline this manager. Because i feel what he did was very inhumane and someone like himself should not be supervising human beings. I await your answer

Thanks Julia


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