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I have a boss who obviously hates me on a personal level. I have a stack of emails that I've saved with her nasty tone towards me. She makes up lies and makes me do things in my position to torture me. There is one other person besides myself that she manages and the other person is allowed to do certain things that I am told I can't. A perfect example is : my coworker requested to leave early and instead of using her personal time off, she asked if she could make up the Time ( which is what we both have been doing for years). Then a few days later I asked the same thing and my boss tells me to use my personal time. The company policy for this is managers discretion. Another example is: my coworker and I had a task that neither of us were able to complete by the due date. The task was to write up goals that we have completed for the year and new goals for the new year. When I asked her for an extension ( with a full paragraph of the reasons why) she came back to me with a lengthy nasty response. My coworker did not even ask for an extension, she received an email from my boss just asking if they were meeting to go over the goals. My boss has brought me into offices with the door closed to tell me all the things that I don't do right - in reality, she makes up lies. I don't fight back anymore, I have been shutting my mouth because I am so tired of the mental abuse. I have spoken to her boss and he can care less. I have a twitch in my eye the last few months and extreme anxiety from her. I can't have a conversation with my boss with out an attitude. It can be a simple question and I never get a normal answer. This year she gave me less then half my usual bonus when my work load has tripled. Other people in the office hate her and they don't even work for her but they have noticed how mentally abusive she treats me. I wish they would lay me off but they haven't. My boss also pretends she doesn't get emails from me and ignores some of the emails especially when I request off. I have spoken to her in the past and she always seems to flip it on me and it ends up being a conversation about how I don't do this or I should do things a different way. After I have approached her in the past, she will be normal for a day or two and right back to her nasty self. I am in the process of looking for a new job because of her, however I'm looking to take some action before I leave. Help


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