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In response to "All the Wiser" who stated: ......."Bottom line is nobody gives a flying rat's butt and you won't get unemployment or a dime."........ THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY TRUE. I RECEIVED UNEMPLOYMENT BEFEFITS. I live in IL and my boss was verbally abusive to me, and I documented everything and went to human resources. My boss made promises to stop the verbal abuse, but it continued, so I gave my two-week's notice and quit. I was only off work for 6 weeks while I looked for another job, but after two interviews over the phone with the unemployment office, I received unemployment benefits. My former employer did fight the claim, but filed their claim in an un-timely manner so they were denied. Whether I received unemployment benefits or not, I made the right decision to leave this unhealthy work-place environment. However, if I'm ever in this type of situation again, I will not go to human resources. It is better to just look for another job and exit quietly asap, so that I can use the employer as a reference. Once you complain, you have a target on your back and are no longer a "team player", and you have a mark on your job history, which makes it difficult to explain why you left your most recent job on job interviews. Nobody likes to hire someone who didn't get along with their boss. It doesn't matter how terrible the boss was.


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