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I have a union contract with the company that I work for statein that if a person works a consecutive 11 weeks or more is classified as a full time employee. I did this for 10 Years. I recently demoted myself and my company accepted the demotion and they are trying to put me at part time and t am grieving the full time so they put me back in the position that I demoted from in order to give me full time so as they say to protect the company on any back pay that the might have to pay me . I was granted my demotion and I feel that they are bulling me into this so can they do this to me and is not this illegal for this to take place? I am so stressed out about this bull that I think I have a legal lawsuit against this. I also forgot to mention tha I was out on stress for 2. Months because of the bulling and the. Job I demoted from


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