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While working for a construction company my boss allowed for me to drive his son's car around for work and personal use. After being told his son was being transfered out of state they hastened me to get the truck registered in that state under my name. After one year of spending almost 2,000 dollars to get the truck registered my boss flipped out and talked the company into buying the truck,badgered me into selling my personal car at home and then requested to know how much money was in my account. Out of fear of losing my job, for I had medical issues that had to be taken care of, I told him how much was in my bank account, sold my car at home and was left as nothing only to wind up losing my job six months later. What makes me mad is that I asked my boss prior to getting that truck registered in my name how the company was doing financially in these hard ecnomic time and refused to give me an answer.


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