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My name is Larissa. I am under medical care right now after abusive meeting I had with my boss. I was not feeling well and asked management if I can see a doctor. While I was packing my things, I was called to the meeting that was not antisipated before. I was told that it will take only a minute. When I came to the neeting, I was asked by manager what is wrong with me, why am I leaving? I said that I am dizzy and feel that something is wrong with my heart. My doctor wanted to see me under emergency visit. After that she started pounding on me with all kind of mistakes I made, which was not true and I defended myself being sick. Everything was upfront of my co-workers.They started to defend me. I asked to leavefor doctor's appt, but she would not let me. At this moment something is really hapened to me, so I started to loose contioness and started to throw up. THEY EVEN DID NOT CALL AMBULANCE! I ended up at my doctor with ubnormal cadrdiogram and suspect for seizur. I do not feel well now and I need to know my rights. My co-workers told me that my boss changed my position to one that I can not perform-typing all day. She has my doctors note that I can not type more than 2 hours a day due to desease. She is ignoring that. What can I do?


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