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My real Boss of 10yrs passed away, so they promoted another maintenance man up to be Maintenance Supervisor for apartment complex. He was going into emptees and gettin Hi on the clock before and after lunch. He started passing off his work to me and the two other maintenance men. The only thing he was doing was punch-outs and he couldn't even do that right. We was covering all the mistakes he was making. when I started complaining, he was like what your problem and I said Your the problem. He said you want me to send you home for 3 days and I said Please so he did. So I went to the Office Manger to tell her that he was sending me home for 3 day he follow me there and started a argument. I left for the 3 days when I got back to work they said they was letting me go caused I raised my voice at this retart so call boss, that he started. Corpret Office was backing him because he was there new boss and the board members didn't want to get involed. So I want to know if I can tell people that his name is Chris Shultz And he works at Lakeview Terrace Apt, Indpls In 46229 Cause if I cant I Wont.


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