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COMPLICATED: MY Admiral husband died Dec11, 09. a neighbor, not listening to me..but my step daughters, who hated me our 18years of marriage, persuaded a "friend/neighor" to break into my house, lie to police and area safe and lock where you have to show ID to access my house...the neighbor broke into my house while i was just settling into our tx wintr home..didn't tell me my husband had died in va...the police refused to help me and covered up an internal affairs investigation for derelection of duty.,..due to the neighbor having the locks changed...the stepdaughters ransacked our house; stole all my financial, legal, medical and identity ino; not returned one thing..i had to close out our tx home after 2 month..was hospitaized as a direct result of this..had BP at stroke range and incurred almost $200k of forensic CPA, legal, PI, et expenses...I need to sue neighbor to help pay other mounting legal bills. i'm legally disabled, can't work and am very unhealthy..almost died...please advise quickly what i shoud do..still can' think straight. thank you. The police wronged me...the neighbor wronged me and i'm suing the stepdaughters/ buy the expensive, extra security safe & lock co NEVER should have allowed his break in and change my locks to lock me out of my house. the neighbor hasn't apologized even when the judge found on my behalf I owned my houses after daughters sued to get them. i'm in a strong position to receive some liability money from several do I do this? PLEASE HELP while I can still think. GOD BLESS YOU wonderful people. pls contact me tomorrow with advice and names of pers injury lawyes on contingency fees in alex city, va..thank you.


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