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hi my name is melanie, ive been in a relationship with a man for almost 3 years we have 2 kids together, about 2 months ago we get into an argument and it leads into domestic violence i went to jail that night it was my fault i was defending myself and tryin to protect my kids. that night i begged the officer not to leave my kids with there dad cause i was affraid he was gonna take them off to mexico cause he is illegal the officer called my mom and my mom was supposed to come get my kids that night martin wasnt aloud to leave with the kids i get out the next day to get myt kids and they werent at apartment i called the cops they came down and i told them what was going on and he says there is nothing we could do about finding your kids cause they are with the father.. martin shows up as i was leaving and hands the officer a packet.. he looked over it and he gave it to me saying it was an order protection against me i wasnt able to see the kids or be around them..he had said i was using herion qand meth and i leave the kids with whoever and whenever i want..THATS NOT TRUE.. I HAD COURT CAUSE I WAS TRYIN TO GET THE ORDER PROTECTION DISMISSED.BUT HE DIDNT DISMISS IT.I WENT TO FILE FOR EMERGENCY CUSTODY CAUSE I WANTED MY BAbys i was filling out paper work i got served with emergency custody from my babys now im in the process off all the i dont understand why the judge is giving him all rights of my kids..when he is an illegal immigrant the judge gave me was supervised visits with my kids from 2 to 7 and and on holidays it is up to him he gots to see if his mom is willing to do the supervised visits those days..and so far they have told my NO TWICE...I DONT THINK THATS RIGHT IVE NEVER BEEN INTROUBLE IN MY LIFE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED FOR ILLEGAL DRUGS...IGOT ARRESTED IN SEPT BUT THEY DISMISSED MY CASE


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