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recently i was arrested for child endangerment and domestic violence....over the last several years that my husband and i have been married his ex girlfriend whom he has a autistic child with accused me of beating him...his ex girlfriend played games to try taking custody away from my husband and used me as part of her game...i was recently aquitted of all charges...but in the meantime my husbands parents took custody filing a ex parte of my child...she is almost 3 years old and does not understand what is going on...i have been without my child for 6 months and counting...i have not went to the doctor for anything and i dont know if i should...i am really depressed and scared to leave her alone with anyone once i get her trial is on dec 19...i am praying to God we get her back since i was aquitted of everything....Can i sue his parent for wrongfully taking my child out of my custody...for mental and emotional stress...i am also planning on suing his exgirlfriend for everything i have been through in the last 6 month....i dont know how to do this...please help....


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